This year will be our 10th year of providing talent, stage and sound for The Kansas City Marathon. This has become one of the largest races in America with 20,000 runners participating. This year, we will put 25 bands along the 27 mile course as well as a main stage in Washington Square in Crown Center. We also have procure the Noise Permits from the city.


2017 was our 9th year of producing The Annual Full Boar Open House at The Harley-Davidson Assembly Plant. This two day event draws from all over the USA.


This year will be our 10th year of providing talent and production for The Leukemia Lymphoma Society. That includes both The Black Tie Ball

We provide production and talent or Midwest The Light The Night Walks. These three events raise about $2million for LLS each year.


2018 is our 7th year of producing The Turkey Creek Festival. It usually draws a crowd of 30,000.



We cut our teeth in bars. In fact, we have owned many of them. We book hundreds of shows every year in spaces that seat less than 100 people.
If you own one of thoses spaces, we can help.


Your party or wedding is as important to us anything we do.
We know it is more about you than the band. It takes a long time for an agency to figure that out. We have been booking acts since the 1970s.


We have put talent and sound in churches, parks, golf courses, club houses, pool decks, back yards, barns and living rooms.


We will work hard to fit your space, fit your budget and fit your crowd.
It easier than you think with our team on your side.

No Project Too Small
High Profile Shows

In 2017, United Entertainment of America
Raised Nearly $3Million for Charities, Produced Multiple Festivals, 
Gathered Major Sponsorship, Generated over 2 million Emails


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