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    Talent Agency


For decades, we have proven that we have every connection you need to present your concert, your company event, your wedding
or your party.


Our relationships are international.
Our impact is local.
You are the architect of your event.
We deliver the contracts you need to build it.



We can get any available artist in the world.
That is not an empty boast when you have done it for decades.

We can guide you through the process.
We can give you options that experience brings.
We offer a full range of support for any show,
including talent, production, promotion, media and sponsorship opportunites.


We have produced contracts for the biggest names in the business. The company was founded by the legendary Dave McQuitty.


It continues today with Mark Valentine answering the phone every day. Our staff is small. Our footprint is large.
In 2019, we produced 18 festivals. We raised over $3 million for charities. We provided services to Corporations, Governments, Universities, brides and parties.

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