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Soul Of Santa

Plan Graphic.jpg

Goal: $1million in Fund Raising

1. Success Requires Clarity


2. Media is money

3. Big Unique Branded Event

       Santa is already defined as bringing joy to children at                  Christmas. Amplify that clarity.

       The event should focus on delivering gifts to children.                  Select a girl and a boy to be "Princess and Prince" of                  Christmas. The selection process should use as
         much of the above graphic as possible.

       Give it a unique twist. The prize for the selected boy and               girl is to help Santa deliver the gifts and joy to the other           kids.  This strengthens the message of the Soul of                       Santa. It is about the giving.
        Capture the public imagination.
          The Soul Of Santa is in all of us.

In 2018, United Entertainment of America
Raised Nearly $3Million for Charities, Produced Multiple Festivals, 
Gathered Major Sponsorship, Generated over 2 million Emails

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