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Bodacious Beach Bike Bash

World Record Event

Possible Records

Most Motorcycles Starting Simultaneously
On A Florida Beach
($20 fee to drive on beach)
($20 entry includes t-shirt & beach pass)
Most Motorcycle Riders Giving A Thumbs Up 
On A Florida Beach
Most Motorcycles Making A Jump

Social Media Impact Awards:

Nicest Biker Contest.
Post pictures on FaceBook Group. Most Likes by Showtime wins

1. Concert.
2. Flagler Patch Run
Patches for visiting certain Flager beach Attractions/Merchants.
3.Feed The People
Donate canned goods and boxed foods. Build the world's largest motorcycle from cans. Donate to food pantry.4. t

Odd- Colored sand - Winery


In 2018, United Entertainment of America
Raised Nearly $3Million for Charities, Produced Multiple Festivals, 
Gathered Major Sponsorship, Generated over 2 million Emails

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