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The Talent


Most agencies have a "stable" of acts that they try to keep working.
That is good for the acts, but bad for the buyer. Those acts may not
fit your needs. United Entertainment will get you the act you want.
We work with William Morris, Monterrey Artists, Creative Artist Agency as well as regional and local talent. We can tell you the average sales and ticket prices on any act you request so that you have the information you need to make decisions. Real talent at market prices.

The Marketing


You may not need marketing for your event. If you do, we offer strategies, graphics, web design, social media and a lot of Press contacts. We also offer our own email system as well as advance ticket sales that seamlessly dovetail into your promotions. We can also help with sponsorship programs. No other Talent Agency offers this level of service.

The Production

You need a stage, sound, lights, noise permits, liquor permits, insurance policies and sponsor programs. Even if you have all of these things, you might want to bid check to make sure you are being charged fairly. Our history has developed connections that are second to none. Let us give your event the solid foundation it needs for success.

The Time


Email is good. Texting is fine. We actually come to meetings. We take phone calls all the time. We know lots of agencies that are done when
the contract has been signed. Not us. Tell us your issues. We make
shows happen. Test us. Call Mark Valentine - 816-520-8430

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